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Regularly throughout the school year activities and information sessions are run by the school to support and encourage parents to be active in their children’s learning, at home and at school. Information about available sessions will be updated throughout the year.

Please contact our wellbeing team on 9309 3477 for further information.

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NDIS - Current Information Sessions

NDIS Plan Review is a 90 minute online workshop for parents of children with disability.

Covid-19 has meant a lot of changes to the way families can access services for their children with disability. Your family may be accessing more services and doing things quite differently this year which can affect your child’s NDIS plan. If your Plan Review is coming soon it’s a good opportunity to talk to the NDIS Planner about the changes your child needs over the next 12 months.

The Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) is running a FREE, online workshop called NDIS Plan Review, starting in November.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to tailor your child’s plan to their changing needs and goals.

You’ll learn about:

>> Planning for your NDIS Plan Review during Covid-19
>> Informing the Planner how Covid-19 will change your child’s support needs
>> Types of Plan Review
>> Gathering supporting evidence
>> Extending or rolling-over NDIS Plans
>> Evidencing over and underspend

ACD facilitators have children with disability, so they understand how you’re feeling and what to expect in your Plan Review.

Be sure to register ASAP to secure your place.

Bookings are essential.

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