Speech-Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathology team at Hume Valley School enables our students to access the curriculum by supporting the development of their communication skills.

Speech-Language Pathologists may provide support in the following areas:

  • Assessments for students’ funding reviews
  • Language
    • Receptive language (understanding language)
    • Expressive language (using language)
  • Articulation (speech clarity and intelligibility)
  • Pragmatics (social skills and social language use)
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Voice (vocal quality)

At Hume Valley School, the Speech-Language Pathologist work closely with classroom staff to improve student outcomes. We may provide support in the following areas:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Literacy
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Personal and social skills

We also collaborate with parents and external providers to assist us in ensuring a consistent and holistic approach to speech-language therapy. 

Occupational Therapy Program

The Occupational Therapy (OT) program aims to maximise a student’s ability to learn and access the school curriculum with greater independence. Occupational Therapists work with classroom teachers and educational support staff to improve a student’s skills and/or adapt the environment to increase independence.

Our service has a focus on early intervention mainly working with the Junior and Primary sub-schools. Occupational Therapists can support students to develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Fine motor and handwriting skills
  • Self-care skills (including increasing independence in toileting, mealtime and personal hygiene)
  • Gross motor skills
  • Sensory processing and regulation
  • Emotional regulation strategies
  • Adapting the physical environment to support learning
  • Providing equipment to enable participation and success at school
  • Community access and safety
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