PE & Health

Health and Physical Education are important aspects of the curriculum. At Hume Valley School all P–10 students actively participate in weekly 60 minute sessions where all students are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability and to enjoy physical education (including sport).
These Physical Education sessions range from learning individual and non-competitive activities such as running, skipping and hopping, through to competitive team games and sports with complex movement patterns such as kicking a soccer ball into a goal.

Our program incorporates teaching the combination of motor skills as well as tactics and rules to improve and enhance a student’s understanding of what is sport and physical activity. Physical Education sessions have a strong emphasis on teaching students teamwork based skills such as positive sportsmanship, understanding how to be a good teammate and what fair play looks like in a range of games. They are also learning how increasing their capacity in areas of strength, flexibility and endurance could assist in both their fitness and physical performances.

Some of the skills/sports that we have covered this year have included fundamental motor skills, athletics, basketball, lacrosse, badminton, tennis, cricket, soccer, netball, football and volleyball.

Hume Valley School’s Health Program is designed to teach and encourage students to explore and practice ways of healthy living and active lifestyles. Topics have included healthy eating and nutrition, mental health, personal hygiene and everyday living skills as well as drug and alcohol education.

Our Physical Education Program strives to promote the importance of exercise, physical activity and life-long healthy living for all individuals. This year the students have worked very hard and enjoyed feeling healthy and active!

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