Community engagement


We would like to make special mention of the wonderful financial contributions of CSL Behring and Hume City Council to allow these programs to run. Thank you for your kind assistance!

Woodworking –     

The woodworking crew in 2017 had a creative, educational and productive year with numerous planter boxes being constructed and now utilised around the Koroit Avenue campus. Students imagined, designed and then constructed their own pieces of furniture including, chairs, tables, shelving, a couch, bedside tables and even a dog bed!


Schools on Air – 

Every Wednesday of 2017 students from Primaries, Middles and Secondaries sub-schools have been participating in the Schools on Air program with Syn 90.7. Every week the students choose a topic or theme they enjoy, plan and write a script and then broadcast it live on the radio in Melbourne and worldwide on the internet! Many topics have been covered from movie/game reviews, plays about bullying and graffiti to jokes and other fun topics. Thank-you to all who participated and remember, you are now published writers!!

Skateboarding –

Students worked again this year with the legendary Richard Flude – a professional skateboarder from OwnLife skateboarding. Students worked on persevering with difficult skills and tricks and a handful even learnt how to ‘drop in’ from the steepest ramp! So brave and so resilient, the students fell off, got back on and practiced, practiced, practiced and the results were BRILLIANT! A great program that we look forward to continuing into 2018.

Collingwood Children’s Farm –

Students from Juniors and Primaries participated in the farm’s Paddock to Plate program where students milked a cow and made cheese, collected eggs and made an omelette and planted and harvested their own herbs and veggies! Students were taught about how to care for animals, how to care for a garden and how the whole food cycle keeps animals, plants and humans alive!

Students from Middles and Secondaries have participated in a volunteer work program at the Collingwood Children’s Farm. They have worked together in order to complete 5 stairs leading up to a viewing platform. This was showcased in Education Week where they met the minister for education and gave a very informative tour of the farm. They learnt and improved their measuring, sawing and drilling skills and can now independently build these structures with minimal assistance. What a fantastic achievement from our Hume Valley students!

Emerging Leaders: Urban Expression –

Students worked through the year with musician Jeff from The Shoogahs. Students refined their beat-making, rap-writing and breakdancing skills topped off with a trip to Blender Studios in the city to try their hand at stencil art. Students went home with their very own canvas as well as recorded their own track presented at the end of year concert. Great work!

Sustainability Crew 

This year saw an incredible project get underway – Phase 1 of our school garden makeover! Students were involved in the building and planting out of a Frog Bog and Native Garden as well as a redesigning of our school’s kitchen garden. Students from all sub-schools worked with students from Candlebark school to completely redesign a weed-covered wasteland and transformed it into a tranquil garden for learning and contemplation. A wonderful project!

Equine Therapy –

Students returned to Candlebark School in Romsey this year each Friday to work with the horses. Students learnt about leading, feeding, grooming and riding through exploring their own self-regulation and mindfulness. Students have to learn how to be calm and in-tune with the horses before they can work with them. Students made new friends with the students at Candlebark and enjoyed bushwalking in the surrounding forests.

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