Diane Bassett


It is with great pleasure I welcome you to our Hume Valley School website.

Hume Valley School is highly regarded for the provision of outstanding learning programs that cater for the individual needs of students from Prep to Year 12, with a mild intellectual disability.

Our school vision and purpose is to create an inclusive, child safe and vibrant learning community where all students are valued and the educational programs enable them to achieve their full potential.

Hume Valley School comprises three campuses. Our Koroit Avenue and Narrun campuses provide an inclusive curriculum, aligned with the Victorian Curriculum for students between 5 and 16 years of age. Our Tanderrum Way campus caters for our years 11 and 12 students. The students in years 10 to 12 undertake the Victorian Pathways Certificate and participate in a range of Vocational Education & Training (VETiS) courses and School Based Apprenticeships.

Our focus is on the development of literacy, numeracy, personal and social capabilities, and vocational skills to enable our students to lead successful lives.

Our team of highly skilled teachers, therapists, education support and wellbeing staff work in partnership with parents to set individual learning goals for students and plan the delivery of engaging, challenging, and purposeful educational programs.

The school motto of 'Achieving Potential Together' underpins our commitment to developing positive partnerships with families, community agencies, educational and vocational providers. These collaborative partnerships enable us to further enhance program provision, educational outcomes, and post school options for all students.

I am proud to lead the Hume Valley School community in providing an optimal learning environment where all students are valued and encouraged to attain and celebrate the highest levels of personal achievement.

Diane Bassett


If you are a parent, and would like to visit or discuss your child’s needs, please contact Hume Valley School on 9309 3477.

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